The Adventures of SuperTroy

The Adventures of SuperTroy GENRE Gay • Contemporary • Paranormal/Superheroes • Erotic Romance
ISBN 9781646566303

E-Book: JMS Books LLC | Amazon Kindle

Troy Ashton is not gay! He thought his life was all mapped out for him -- he’d get his sotan cape after he turned eighteen, be paired with his female life mate, and be gifted with his superpowers. However, the Council for Sotan Affairs has other plans for Troy. They selected him to be a tuohygan -- the only one of his generation -- and they’ve paired him with a male omega. Troy likes the idea of being a tuohygan: they’re faster, stronger, and have a greater range of superpowers than sotans. Plus he gets to prefix his name with Super. But ... he isn’t gay! So no thank you.

The pain of remaining unbonded from his omega is intense, but Troy is determined he won’t give in and marry another man. That is until his and Beck Dolan’s paths cross. Troy literally flies to the rescue when he sees a man falling into a lake. There’s something about him that calls to Troy’s inborn need to protect. Just being around Beck eases something inside of Troy, centering and calming him. Could Troy be not as straight as he thought?

Coming out is traumatic. Mostly because Troy’s family already knew or strongly suspected he was gay. He doesn’t understand how they could know but he didn’t. He’s a jock -- captain of both his high school and college football teams, doesn’t that mean he’s straight? He also experiences a few growing pains with his newfound powers, the most visible of which are the dents in Beck’s trashcan when he misjudges his landings when he flies in to rescue his man.

Troy soon adapts to his role as both tuohygan and husband. However, Troy grows concerned when Beck starts getting sick to his stomach in the mornings, and what’s with the sudden craving for fish, the smellier the better? Life as SuperTroy is certainly more adventurous than he could ever have imagined.

    Troy didn’t know what made him turn left instead of right at the next intersection. The only thing of interest up there was the lake. He smiled at the thought of a refreshing swim. Coach had been tough on them at practice and Troy’s ass was dragging. So much so, he’d left the locker room without showering. He hadn’t realized until he’d gotten into the car how much he stank. Hopefully a splash around would cool him down and maybe soothe his burning arms.

    He frowned when he realized he didn’t have his suit with him. His briefs would have to do.

    “Shit!” He was wearing Superman underwear, part of the batch Lizzie had gotten him. Hopefully no one would see him.

    This hope was dashed when the beach came into view -- the very crowded beach.

    Stepping out of the car, he was dazzled by the sun reflecting off the water. Troy ducked back into the vehicle for his shades. Hearing a sudden burst of shouting and screaming, Troy straightened and focused on a group of people right at the water’s edge. One guy either tripped or was pushed. His arms flailed as he fell, almost in slow motion, towards the lake. Those around him found it amusing but judging by the man’s swearing and continued flailing, he clearly didn’t. And neither did Troy.

    Blood pumping in his ears and feeling a sudden burst of energy, Troy shot up into the air, let out a yell of surprise, and flew over the parking lot towards the lake. Troy swooped down and plucked the struggling man out of the water before depositing him safely back on the beach, several yards from the edge.

    The whooshing in Troy’s ears remained, but he was pretty sure the crowd of onlookers had fallen silent. His arms had stopped burning.

    “Oh my God!” the man said loudly.

    “You okay?” Troy asked the sopping wet man. “Did you hurt yourself when you fell?” Troy patted the man’s arms and spine, but couldn’t detect anything wrong.

    “Thank you,” the man said, teeth chattering.

    “You’re welcome.” Troy didn’t understand why the man appeared cold.

    Seeming to get a hold of himself, the guy asked, “Wow, rescued by a sotan.”

    “Uh, no. I’m not a sotan.” It was beginning to sink in. He’d flown, genuinely flown.

    The man stood on tiptoe and laid a soft kiss on Troy’s slightly parted lips. “Don’t know how you can fly and not be a sotan, but whatever. You’re still my hero.”

    Troy’s lips tingled. Not the unbearable burning of his skin earlier, just a pleasant cool ... tingle. Troy let go the man’s shoulders and wiped his mouth with the back of a hand. “Dude! I’m glad you’re okay and all, but I’m not gay.”

    The man looked confused, shook his head then smiled. “My gaydar’s never wrong.”

    “Your what?”

    “Gaydar. It’s a way of spotting other gay men.”

    Troy frowned. “Well, whatever you call it, it’s wrong this time. I’m straight.” He took a few steps backward. Everyone was looking at him ... them. A few had their cell phones out, filming them.

    “Sorry if I upset you,” the man said, coming close and touching Troy’s arm.

    Troy took another step back. “Uh, that’s okay. If you’re okay then I’ll go. Just be more careful near the water, okay?” He knew he was babbling. His unease wasn’t helped by the number of people watching and recording. He hoped this wouldn’t get on the local news.

    Although a few people asked him questions, nobody stood in his way and he was able to return to the car. He discovered he’d flown off in such a hurry, he’d left the driver’s door wide open. Thankfully nothing appeared to be missing.

    As he drove home, Troy glanced down at his arms. Sure enough, the bulging biceps were back. Fucking weird, he thought. He also felt tired. Clearly flying had exhausted him. That was a good thing. Maybe he’d sleep better that night.