Surprise Gifts

Surprise Gifts GENRE Gay • Interracial • Contemporary • Erotic Romance
ISBN 9781611527216

JMS Books LLC | Amazon Kindle Unlimited

As a Christmas gift to himself, interior designer Nick Dailey decides to fly to Southern Florida to watch his local NFL team play an away game. However, his last minute plans meant there was no room at any of the inns, forcing him to rent a room in a seedy motel.

Nick’s employee and best gal pal, Penny, had promised him a surprise gift. He’s amazed when he discovers this is none other than a meeting with “Big Bad Brad” Williams, star defensive lineman for the Outlaws. Nick can’t believe it when Brad asks if he can kiss Nick. Naturally Nick agrees. Pushing his luck, Nick asks to explore the big man’s chocolate-colored skin, bulging muscles, and heavy tattoos.

Things take a decided turn for the surreal when Brad strips naked and Nick is formally introduced to Brad’s genitalia -- Buddy Johnson and Bill and Ben Balls. What follows is an afternoon of passion, wonder, and delight that Nick knows he won’t ever forget.

But when the encounter is over, unexpected and uncomfortable truths are revealed. How will Brad and Nick each handle their surprise gifts?

    “You cold, baby?”

    “Uh.” Nick tried to stem the shaking. He was a grown man for God's sake.

    “Com'ere, Daddy will soon warm ya up.”

    Two massive arms wrapped themselves around Nick and, with amazing gentleness, pressed him to a firm, broad, and deeply-ridged chest. Then the two hams that served as Brad's hands rubbed up and down Nick's back.

    “Better now?”

    Nick nodded, but his mind was still whirling. What was this meant to be, a fan meet and greet or…?

    “Hey, Mick, you're a lot cuter than in your picture,” Brad said, Nick both feeling and hearing the words as they vibrated from Brad's cavernous chest. “But then I only got to see it on my cell. stupid thing's too small to be of any use.”

    Nick guessed Penny must have sent Brad his picture. That made sense, although nothing else about this crazy encounter did. “It's Nick, not Mick.”

    “Sorry, man. Like I said, tiny screen. Maybe I should get myself one of those tablets.”

    “Uh, yeah.” Nick snuggled closer to the man's body. Despite the hard muscles, the guy's chest felt… Nick tried to pull back. If Brad thought Nick was feeling him up, then…

    Nick was gently moved to arm's length and Brad regarded him steadily. “Yep, definitely a lot cuter than your pic.” The lineman's next comment floored Nick. “Do you kiss?”


    “Daddy likes to kiss his boys, 'specially cute, sexy ones like you.”

    Nick's mouth fell open again, but he had enough brain cells working to make his head nod up and down a couple of times. He was twenty-nine, about the same age as Brad. But, yeah, if the man wanted to call him boy, he could sure get behind that idea, especially if it meant he got kissed. How the hell did Penny organize this? Nick made a mental note to give her a raise.

    With far less gentleness this time, Nick was pulled back to the man's chest then lifted into the air until he was eye level with Brad. The man wasn't exactly model handsome-his nose was crooked and his lips a tad on the thick side. Not that Nick had long to assess the football player's facial features before Brad's tongue was tapping at Nick's lips, demanding entry. Nick immediately obliged and Brad's tongue began exploring Nick's mouth. The only thing Nick could think of was how wrong he was about Brad's lips. They were soft, pillowy and so incredibly hungry. Nick wrapped his arms around Brad's bull neck and his legs did their best to curl around Brad's hips-all in an effort to deepen the kiss. Someone was whimpering; Nick eventually realized it was him.

    “God, boy, you're a fuckin' fantastic kisser,” Brad said when he broke off for air. The jock obviously had a greater lung capacity than Nick because the latter's vision was starting to go grey at the edges.

    “Uh, thanks,” Nick panted. “You're, uh, not so bad yourself.” What the fuck was he saying? Brad had given Nick the best kiss of his life.