Heat Wave: Newark

Heat Wave: Newark GENRE Gay • Contemporary • Erotic Romance
ISBN 9781611528299

JMS Books LLC | Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Aaron Jones quits his job as an IT tech and decides to tour the east coast of the US before flying home to Britain. But hitching rides isn’t easy, especially when there’s a heat wave going on. Standing on the side of the road, thumb extended and bottle of water empty, Aaron starts to despair.

Seeing a cute guy trying to hitch a ride, trucker Ben Knight picks him up before the cops do.

Aaron is relieved to be out of the heat, but gratitude almost instantly heats to something more potent when he gets a look at his rescuer, a handsome mature bear. Ben cannot believe anyone as incredible as Aaron could be interested in an overweight guy with too many miles on the clock.

What happens when they finally reach Newark and the heat between Ben and Aaron rivals that of outside?

    “What?” Ben asked when Aaron pushed Ben's shower cubicle door open just before Ben closed it.

    Aaron grinned. No way was he showering alone, not when shortly there'd be a naked and wet trucker nearby for the perving on. Aaron was about to say as much when he remembered his promise to go softly with the gentle bear. Putting on what he hoped was an embarrassed expression, he said, “Don't want to shower by myself, not with all these rough-looking trucker-types about.” Aaron hoped the statement would bring out Ben's seemingly in-born protective instincts.

    Ben rolled his eyes but opened the door wider to admit Aaron. Okay, Ben might not have believed him, but it got him what he wanted, so all was good.

    “My big strong protector,” Aaron said, standing on tiptoe to peck Ben on the lips.

    Ben took a step back and Aaron took a step forward. This was repeated once more. They were in a small cubicle and Ben soon ran out of room to escape.

    “Relax, Big Ben,” Aaron whispered, running his hands down Ben's chest. “No one can see us in here.” Aaron's hands moved up to caress Ben's wide shoulders.

    Ben shook his head. “You're incorrigible.”

    “Don't need any encouragement to touch you. Come on, get this sexy shirt off so I can see the sexy body underneath.”

    “Not sexy,” Ben whispered, removing Aaron's hands from the front of his shirt. “And not so loud. Folks might not be able to see, but they can still hear.”

    Aaron made a zipping motion across his lips but almost immediately broke his promise by letting out a low moan of admiration when he started to unbutton Ben's shirt to reveal a rug of curly brown hair. “So soft,” he said, running his fingertips through Ben's chest hair.

    “I'm a freak.”

    Aaron put a finger to Ben's lips. “No talking, remember?” Plus Aaron couldn't disagree more about Ben being a freak. “Now for your lower half.”

    Aaron was something of an expert at getting into men's trousers. He was on his knees, had Ben's belt buckle released, waistband unbuttoned, and fly unzipped within a couple of seconds. He may not have beaten his personal record, but his actions were fast enough that he had his hand on the prize before Ben could tell him to stop.

    “You are a big boy,” Aaron whispered before kissing the partially exposed head of Ben's dick.