Cowboy Roundup

Cowboy Roundup GENRE Gay • Multi-Author Anthology • Erotic Romance
ISBN 9781611527742

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What’s better than a story about a sexy gay cowboy? How about a whole posse of them? Editor Drew Hunt has rounded up some of the finest authors in the M/M western genre to bring you this collection celebrating gay cowpokes!

Meet real men who ride the trail or ride the rodeo, join a wild west show or douse their thirst at the local country western bar. Whether in the bygone Old West or on a modern cattle ranch, these rugged hunks know how to ride ‘em hard and put ‘em away wet. And the ride lasts a lot longer than eight seconds, so saddle up, pardner, and let them take you on a wild ride ... or for a quick roll in the hay.

NOTE: Each of the stories in this collection is available as individual e-books for those readers who only want to pick and choose which they want to buy. Or do yourself a favor and rassle up all sixteen smoldering tales at once!

Contains the stories:
* Roughshod by Dale Chase
* Taming Brooks by R.W. Clinger
* The Spring at Sloan Pond by Lee Crittenden
* Rogayo by Landon Dixon
* Cowboy Therapy by Hunter Frost
* A Change of Pace by Drew Hunt
* Firefly Ranch by Rebecca James
* Wild Ride by Kassandra Lea
* Guy Walks Into a Bar by Georgina Li
* Nephi Takes a Husband by Bob Masters
* Flyboys and Cowboys by Michael McClelland
* Wild West Show by Rob Rosen
* Riding for the Brand by J.D. Ryan
* Daniel in Distress by Feral Sephrian
* Save a Horse by J.D. Walker
* The Good, the Bad, and the Ojete by Salome Wilde

    It’s probably more than a little odd for a guy from the north of England to have such a fascination for cowboys. Is it the boots, the jeans (usually Wranglers), the chaps, the thick heavy belt, the flannel shirt, or the hat? Yes to all of the above. But each of these articles of clothing serve a needed purpose on the ranch, enabling the cowboy to do his lonely and often dangerous job in all weather and harsh terrain. The cowboy is usually depicted alone; it’s him against nature. Therefore he has to be tough, resourceful, and able to make his own decisions -- all very desirable qualities in the ideal man. At least, my idea of the ideal man.

    I remember watching old western movies on TV with my grandfather and taking more of a shine to the bad guys dressed in black rather than the hero, who usually ended up with the girl. That last certainly didn’t hold an appeal for me. But given that there were so few women back in the Old West, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that there were quite a number of men sneaking into the bedrolls of other men, just to feel a warm body next to them on a cold desert night. Although history is fairly quiet on the subject, I’d be willing to bet quite a number of cowboys set up housekeeping together and lived their lives quietly and privately out of the prying gaze of history. Wishful thinking? Perhaps, but then the imagination is a powerful thing, and it has been employed to great effect in the stories in this collection.

    These sixteen gay erotic and erotic romance stories take the reader from the wild frontier of the Old West of America in such gems as Nephi Takes a Husband by Bob Masters, The Spring Sloan Pond by Lee Crittenden, and The Good, the Bad, and the Ojete by Salome Wilde. We ride into the present with the likes of Cowboy Therapy by Hunter Frost and Wild Ride by Kassandra Lea. There are plenty of interesting stops along the way, such as visiting a Wild West Show courtesy of Rob Rosen and a pretty unique rodeo in Landon Dixon’s Rogayo.

    Whether it be herding cattle, chasing down outlaws, or taking a dip in the water hole, you’re guaranteed a thrilling ride within the pages of Cowboy Roundup.