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Heat Wave: Newark

Aaron Jones has just finished a year long IT internship in Florida and is hitching his way to Newark to catch a plane back to his home in London. But in the fierce heat of Georgia, no one seems to interested in picking giving him a ride.

Ben Knight is hauling a load of floor tiles to Maine. He's bored and too hot and his AC unit needs more Freon. Ben sees a guy on the on ramp with his thumb out. Fearing the guy will be picked up by the cops, he stops and offers the hitchhiker a lift.

Aaron is a confirmed bear chaser and Ben is the finest example of hersuit stud he's come across in months. Aaron has less than a thousand miles to convince Ben he's desirable.

Works in Progress

Afterlife Book 3: When Clay Remembers

When Clay Parker arrived in Heaven he asked to be regenerated by a year, thus removing all memories of his final twelve months of life.

Clay’s missing memories come flooding back when the Archangel Gabriel informs Clay he is to be the guide for Perry Jones.

Back when he was alive Clay met Perry when the latter ran a kiosk in the shopping mall selling joke novelties. For Clay it was love at first sight. Although Perry reciprocated Clay’s feelings, there was a problem—Perry was married. After a short but intense affair Perry broke things off. Devastated, Clay took his own life.

What will Clay decide to do now he’s due to be reunited with the only love of his short life? Can he stand to be hurt all over again?